About us

Where we began...

Laser engraving started out as a way for us to offer custom address stamps to Jessica’s stationery clients in her original invitation shop Simply Smitten Designs. While she was willing to possibly outsource, Timothy said “why don’t we just make them ourselves?” And so it began…We bought our first laser engraver in the fall of 2014 and haven’t looked back! Timothy having a background as a machinist made for the perfect business marriage. Jessica gets to dive into her creative side, while Timothy is the one that makes it all happen…literally. And the best part is, we get to do it all together!

We are constantly trying to come up with new and innovative items for our customers, while still staying true to our roots; making an affordable product that is of the highest quality. We are extremely grateful for all of the customers that have shown interest in our product so far and the positive feedback we have received. We love what we get to do each and every day, and look forward to sharing with you.